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    How to choose your spring balancer ?

    Article come from: Author:Finer Lifting tools Date:2012-12-25

    Normally spring balancer capacity is from 1 KG to 400 KG. more than 160 kg spring balancer called heavy duty tools balancer,
    light than 60 kg load balancer is called light load balancer.

    So many models of spring balancer, how to choose my suitable balancer?

    ShanDong Finer Lifting Tools Co.,ltd produce spring balancer for more than 20 years, when you choose spring balancer
    please follow below ideas:

    1.Considered your total tools weight: for example, if your tools weight is 10 kg, but the accessories weight is 3 kg, so,
    when you choose the suitable balancer, you must thought it is 13 kg, then the model of 9-15kg spring balancer is fit to you.
    tools balancer

    2.If your total weight is the edge of a model, like 9 kg, 15 kg and so one, please choose the bigger one model.
    For instance: if your weight is 9 kg, please choose the model of 9-15, if your weight is 15 kg, please choose the 15-22 kg.
    then can extend the spring balancers life.
    zero gravity tools

    3.If you tool is very long and is hard to hold by one tools balancer, then you can choose two or more than two sets balancer to hold it.
    The capacity can be accumulated. Like your tools weight is 13 kg, you can choose three set 3-5 kg balancer.

     load balancer

    Regarding the spring balancer model, spring balancer advantages, and other informations regarding tools balancer,
    please feel free contact with us.