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    Hydraulic toe jack performance and advantages

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    Classify: Lifting Tools Date:2013-05-02


    Toe jack have following models: economic toe jacks, bottle toe jacks, ratchet toe jacks, professional toe jacks, hydraulic toe jacks and so on types. Our company Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD  produced hydraulic toe jacks professionally with durable quality and competitive price.
    hydraulic toe jack

    Hydraulic toe jacks applications: hydraulic toe jacks widely used for repairs, maintenance and installation of machines and other heavy duty equipment. For cargo and heavy load lifting, rigging, relocating industrial machinery service . Moving shipyard equipment, moving items during bridge and plant construction, emergency rescue or building collapse and so on areas. 
    hydraulic jack

    Hydraulic toe jacks advantages:

    Lower profile: low profile thin toe, with high strength. The toe part super low height comes with ease of operation under the most difficult situation.

    Convenience and flexible: the toe height can be adjusted quickly to any starting position.

    Safeguard: overload protection valve prevents damage to operator and heavy duty loads.

    Durable: comes with drop-forget alloy steel, heat treated components, adjustable spring links and precision machining throughout. Springs resist corrosion. Large base insures a firm foundation. It supports full rated capacity on the toe and the head parts, included the steel pumping handle operating.
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    Except hydraulic toe jacks, other moving tools produced professionally too. Like load moving dollies, wire rope pulling hoist, permanent magnet lifter, air bearing caster and so on. We also can offer moving solutions for you for free.