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    GST type roller skids Operating instruction (1)

    Article come from:  Author: Finer Lifting tools Classify: Lifting Tools Date:2013-07-02

    Type of GST roller skids is one kind of goods moving tools, before working please read this operating instruction which is very important for achieve the moving mission safely and successfully, and extend the working life of roller skids.

    1 Because of the pavement irregularity or other things that hard to expect,every wheel of the roller skids maybe not working all the time when moving,so,we suggested you when useing roller skids please considered less load than the maximum load.

    GST type have the difference of named load and actual use load,that's is not the quality problems, decades ago when exploit this products,we named the wheel for load 1.5 tons.have been already formed the habit called.On the basis of test and actual applying experience,please follow 0.75 tons/pcs wheel to use,normally,GST type roller skids used as 50% load follow named load.

    2 It will be have a great affect of roller skids' working life if the pavement unfairness which will let the skids can't go forward or the wheels get hurt. If the pavement asperous, we have especially kind of roller used on it.

    3 Please slowly when will have no time to handle if there are dangerous condition come out such as the roller slide out the equipment, then will hurt the operator or the equipment which you want to move.

    4 When the load less a lot compared the rated load, it is easy to handle the roller skids. If the load is heavy compared the rated load, is hard to handle the roller skids.

    The rated load level can't very accurate, if the operator feel very hard to move,then please do not force it to forward. If force to forward will hurt the PU glue to abrade or wheels and bearing damaged.

    If the load is heavy, please use other lifting tools such as toe jack to up the goods then veered the roller skids. The draw bar will be bending defection if you forced it to make a turn.the draw bar's main use is to protect the wheels, if the goods is stay still the wheel have a bigger friction will hurt the roller skids. If you need to veered, please veered when moving, then it will be lightly.

    Follow articles we will published other roller skids kit operating instructions. Please pay attention to our website.

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