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    GST type roller skids Operating instruction (2)

    Article come from:  Author: Finer Lifting tools Classify: Lifting Tools Date:2013-07-04

    5 It is not fit for bigger gradient moving works. If you want it works on big gradient pavement, please fixed the roller and the goods, and via mechanical traction to pull the goods. Please prevent the goods come fall back when there are removed the mechanical traction which will very dangerous.

    6 Moving us one set or two sets roller skidswill let the goods not steadily, which is very dangerous. Please use three or more than three sets when moving, normally four sets is perfect. When many roller skids working, please let every skids have the average load, to avoid the rollers get not the same load.

    7 To move the goods which are very high or very narrow, the center of gravity is not steadily, please predict the consequence if the goods overturned, should to prevent it take place.

    8 Before the roller skids working, please clean up the pavement.

    9 When more than three sets roller working, keep the direction's harmony for everyroller skids wheelsis very important.

    Attention: if the roller wheels working incongruous will let the goods hard to move, or not forward, and easy to hurt the wheels.

    When working with four sets roller skids: if very roller have turntable, then can operate the four draw bars to handle the direction. But it is hard to coordinate.

    And also can use ID 18mm stick to connect the behind two sets roller (there have the hole of ID 20mm), then the two sets of roller will no veered, just the ahead two sets have the draw bar to control the direction.

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    If you don't fixed the behind two sets of roller, then use draw bar with ahead two sets, it will let the behind two sets veered in a is also can let the behind two sets of roller veered, ahead two sets fixed with no veered. On the roller skids, there are a turntable which have a little hole can let the M14 screw inside it, to avoid the roller skids slid the goods. It will can't veered if you turn down the turntable. It works like the car veered principle. if you fixed the four sets roller skids with stick, then it will just go forward, can't veered.

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