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    GST type roller skids Operating instruction (3)

    Article come from:  Author: Finer Lifting tools Classify: Lifting Tools Date:2013-07-08

    10 More than three sets roller skids kit working together must be guarantee the height is same. If the height is different can added rubber blanket and other goods which have big frictional factor, do not put the smooth things.

    11 It will hurt the roller skids if you strict it. please put the goods on the roller skids gently. or if the roller skids get impact load will be hurt. and also will hurt the roller if you throw, fall down it.

    12 Please check the roller skids wheels regularly. please change the bearing when the wheels turned not flexible any more, have big bearing clearance, large noise. please changed the new wheels if it have been broken. It is very important for guarantee every wheels works naturally, if there are few wheels have hurt, then the wholerollerwill be hurt at a short time.

    13 PU wheels will be easily hurt by scrap iron, grit and so on edge things. if there are greasy dirt will let the roller skids slide quickly then have dangerous.

    14 GST type roller skids follow the application floor can change into nylon wheels or steel wheels, PU wheels protect the floor. steel wheels have long working life, and easy to handle. Nylon wheels between the two type wheels.

    15 The primary cause of hurt the roller skids is pavement irregularity, forced veered, over load, discordant of the roller skidswhen working.


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