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    Machinery moving skates instruction and advantages

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     rotating cargo trolley

    Machinery moving skates used on moving and handling heavy duty loads, capacity from 3 tons to 200 tons.

    Machinery moving skates also known as steerable machinery skates, 3-point roller dollies, load moving skates,
    steerable machinery mover and so on names.

    Machinery moving skates have two parts: front steerman skates and sback fixed skates.
    combined machinery skates

    Steerable machinery skates have following advantages:

    # The front steerman skates is freely steerable, can swiveled for 270 degree easily.

    # High quality PU wheels, polyurethane material wheels will protect the floor with no mark on it.

    # Compact structure with strong working loads. Warranty 5 years.

    # Anti-slip rubber pad will protects the load slipping of the skates.

    # Every parts of the steerable machinery mover can works as individual or combined as you requirement.

    # Distance between rear skates is adjustable, use or no the connecting bar is depend on needs.

    # Front steerable skates with pulling handle, rear skates dollies with connecting bar.
    steerable machinery skates

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