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    Heavy duty equipment moving solution

    Article come from:  Author:Finer Lifting tools Classify:Lifting Tools Date:2013-07-30

    If you want to move more than 30 tons equipment, please check following picture:

    1) Hydraulic toe jack capacity from 2.5 tons to 50 tons, one set hydraulic toe jack capacity is 10 tons, the two sets can hold 20 tons. Via the toe part to lift your equipment to the height of 145mm,

    2) Put the following roller skate under the equipment. This roller skate height is 145 mm, and total group of this roller skate capacity is from 30 tons to 120 tons, More groups of machinery skates can hold more loads.

    Following picture is workable for moving and handling heavy duty loads.

    More moving solution will be published here, please keep attention. Thanks a lot.

    steerable machinery skates and hydraulic toe jack