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    steerable machinery skates description

     Article come from:  Author:Finer Lifting tools Classify:Lifting Tools  Date:2014-11-07

    steerable machinery skates
    Steerable machinery skates alias:

    Steerable machine moving skates, heavy duty machine skates, heavy duty moving equipment, three point moving skates, steerman load moving skates, etc.

    three point moving skates
    Steerable machinery skates application:

    Steerable machinery skates applied on transport heavy duty machines and equipments, moving and handling heavy loads, relocated or removing factory.

    Steerman load moving skates applied on lots of industry areas like shipyard, port for unloading and loading works, factory for moving and handling heavy equipment, power station. Nuclear power station, in the field works with no other powers.
    load moving skates

    Steerable machinery skates structure:

    Steerable machinery skates structure have three parts, one front part with handler,can control the direction, on the steerman part there is one turntable can swiveled for 360 degree.  The other part is two fixed sets skates connected with two bars.

    Steerable machinery skates advantages:

     * The front one has turntable and operating bar, can swivel direction, works like a tricycle, fexible.

    * The wheels can be polyurethane material or nylon wheels, non floor mark. And can be steel wheels too, durable and more capacity.

    * All steel construction with handle. Durable and hard.

    * Capacity can be more than 200 tons as demand.