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    CT roller skids applied on moving 85 tons reactor.

     FINER CT roller skids applied on moving 85 tons reactor

    Article come from:  Author:Finer Lifting tools Classify:Lifting Tools Date:2015-05-29

    Finer roller skids applied on moving heavy duty equipment professionally and easily.

    One of our customers who is come from oil and gas field send us some pictures when moving theirs reactor. The reactor is 85 tons weight. Then bought 20 sets CT-20.

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    Firstly, fixed the heavy duty loads with the roller skids via bolts, the U-bar steel as the pathway, then pulling.

     moving roller skids applications

    Second, if the floor is common floors like cement floors, please put the steel pate under the moving skates, then will be more easier to move, and protect the floor from damange.

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    If the heavy duty equipment is large, put four points as picture is workable.


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    If you don’t know how to move your equipment, need moving solution, please kindly feel free contact with us, we will do our best to get your satisfaction.