Air Casters, Battery machine skates Real Manufacturer from china since 1998.

Shandong Finer Lifting Tools Co., LTD—We are a reliable manufacturer and international sales company specializing in modular air casters, air cushion vehicles, battery machine skates, spring tools balancer. Founded in 1998, we possess extensive experience in the production and sales of these machinery moving and handling products. Our company has obtained CE/SGS certifications, ensuring the superior quality and safety of our offerings. Leveraging our strong presence on, we effectively reach customers across the globe. Our core competitiveness lies in our unwavering commitment to innovation, allowing us to continuously improve and adapt our products to meet the evolving needs of the market. Our products are widely utilized in short-distance handling and installation work within factories. Built to last, our offerings have earned high praise from a multitude of customers. With sales extending to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions for efficient material handling.

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Product series

All optimized product features and functions

Air Cushion Airbag

Air Cushion Vehicle

FA Model Modular Air Caster

FY Model Air Casters 6 Air Modulars

Battery Machine Skate

Spring Balancer

Air Cushion Vehicle Apllication Showcase:

Air Cushion Vehicle applied on Transformer factories, high-speed rail manufacturers, ship manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, logistics handling companies, energy storage equipment factories, precision machine tool factories, passenger truck manufacturers, military and heavy industry units, food and drug factories.

Locomotive Manufacturing

Driving efficiency and safety in locomotive manufacturing.

air cushion vehlicles air transport skates

Energy storage container production line

The application of energy storage container production line

transport 1,000-ton transformers

Application of TBEA electricians to transport 1,000-ton transformers.Use four 350-ton air-cushion vehicles for intermodal transportation

Vehicle assembly workshop

Air Transport Platform applied on Vehicle assembly workshop.

Air Vehicles

Air Cushion Vehicles works on Subway Cars

CRRC Group—-High-speed rail, EMU, general express, subway cars

air cushion vehoicles applied on pod thruster

Pod Thruster

Finer Brand Air Transport Platform applied on pod thruster

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Every detail of the factory workshop is done carefully

We exhibit our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and precision engineering processes. Committed to delivering top-quality products, we employ efficient production workflows and stringent quality controls. From meticulous raw material selection to final product assembly, our factory boasts a comprehensive production chain ensuring excellence at every stage. With an experienced and skilled team dedicated to continuous improvement, we strive to meet diverse customer demands. Feel free to tour our factory and experience firsthand our professionalism and quality!

Production Workshop

Production Workshop

Production Workshop

Production Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rich experience: We have more than 20 years’ experience in this machinery moving tools industry.
Each of our product must be strictly tested before delivery. Unqualified products are not allowed to delivery.

Survive by quality, develop by product. Fully automatic testing platform allows us strictly inspect and test each product to ensure to provide customers with high-quality, high-standard equipment.

In general, around 5 work days can send out. We keep some accessories in stock, and assemble them when you place an order, we are able to finish one order in 5-7 days.

We have a very strict quality control system, we do a series of Air caster tests before shipping. And third part tested available, If you still have no idea about our quality, Just place a trial order. You will not only trust the quality of our Air casters, but also our best service.

Okay, no problem, please letting us know your LOGO details before the Air Casters and other machinery moving tools left our factory.

100% TT in advance, or depending on the total order amount, it can also be negotiated by both parties.

Yes, because the working condition are different, all our products are customized depending on detail requirement! So if you give us more information about the lift capacity, span, lift height, power source and other specials, we will give you a very quick quote!

Enjoy a 1-year guarantee and lifetime technical support! Our dedicated after-sales service team is always ready to assist you. Engineers can be arranged for on-site service as needed. At our company, we firmly believe that “Quality is Life.”

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