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EV Charger Cable Retractor

The Finer brand EV Cable Retractor is a practical solution for managing your electric vehicle’s Level 1 or Level 2 charging cables by keeping them elevated and out of the way. Its installation process is straightforward, and thanks to the spring-loaded mechanism, the retractor neatly holds and stows the cable. Suitable for both new setups and existing charging stations, this device ensures your area remains hazard-free, tidy, and well-organized.

Finer brand EV Charger advantages:
Easy cord storage due to the spring mechanism
Minimizes wear on the cable
Prevents cables from becoming knotted

Spring Tool Balancers are indispensable tools that significantly reduce time and effort. Designed for optimal convenience, they allow for the easy accessibility of assembly tools right at your workstation or within the assembly area. Moreover, they can suspend heavier tools or objects, offering them an almost “weightless” feel, thereby facilitating ergonomic support.


EV Charger Cable Management (3)
EV Charger Cable Management (1)

Shandong Finer Lifting Tools Co., LTD specializing in EV Charger Cable Management Products for more than eight years. Shandong Finer Lifting Tools Co., LTD provide a comprehensive selection of EV Charging Cable Management solutions that includes an array of products such as the Spring-Actuated Retractor, Weight-Based Retractor, Pedestal Integrated with Cable Management, EV Cable Clips, and Cable Holsters.
Commitment to quality, dedicated service, and continuous innovation stand at the core of our ethos. Upholding a customer-centric and quality-first approach, we maintain a rigorous quality assurance system backed by a skilled QC team overseeing the entire production process. Our adherence to strict quality standards has earned our products a distinguished standing among our international clientele, thanks to their outstanding reliability and performance.

15-22KG Spring Balancer

15-22KG Spring Balancer Drawing

5-9 KG Spring Balancer

The Finer brand tools balancer is especially noteworthy. Once a load is properly suspended, it will seem to effortlessly "hover" in place, enabling its movement with very little physical exertion required. This feature is particularly advantageous when dealing with heavy items, as it significantly lowers the risk of workplace injuries. For instance, it enables an object weighing over 200 lbs to be effortlessly lifted or moved using merely two fingers.

Spring tools balancers are utilizing Tools for Production Assembly Lines,Tasks such as frequently fastening screws, bolts, and nuts, as well as suspending jigs, tools, welding guns, etc., are pivotal in production assembly lines.

Using balancers offers several key advantages:

  • They significantly enhance work efficiency while reducing worker fatigue.
  • By ensuring the stability of a tool’s position, balancers contribute to precision in tasks.
  • Balancers provide protection for tools against damage.
  • Since they operate without the need for electrical or pneumatic power, balancers guarantee a safer work environment.