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Air Cushion Vehicle

Air Cushion Vehicles capacity from 10 tons to more than 600 tons, Air cushion vehicles are also known as Air transport platformsAir cushion pallet transporterspallet transportersAir cushion transporters and so on names. Air cushion vehicles can transport heavy machinery and materials easily and safely, Air transport platform individual platform can hold 600 tons, controlled by wireless remote control, Shandong Finer Lifting Tools Co., LTD produced and exported Air Cushion Vehicle since 1998, and exported to more than 80 countries and areas.


Finer brand 1150mm Air Cuhsion

Two sets of 280T Air Cushion Vehicles moving Transformer

Two sets of 280T Air Cushion Vehicles moving  Transformer

All models Air Cushions / Airbags

Finer brand Air transport platform the main principle of air suspension handling is to utilize the air film technology and use compressed air as the power to form a micron-level air film between the object and the bearing surface, thereby suspending the object above the bearing surface to achieve the purpose of reducing friction and lowering energy consumption. Finer brand Air cushion vehicles can be used for almost any heavy object handling work. The air transport platform is easy to install, which reduces the tediousness of manual operation. It relies on the power of air to achieve easy and smooth movement. The air-floating platform works stably. The air cushion vehicle platform adopts its unique air-floating principle, so it can achieve high-speed, smooth and accurate movement under any circumstances, and keep the object from deforming. The air-floating platform is easier to control during movement and more flexible to operate.

Finer brand Air Cushion Vehicles the dimension can be customized as per demand, the air cushions details please check below form:

Serial No. Model MAX Capacity


Max Air

Pressure (bar)

Aluminum Plate

Size (mm)



Air Intake


1. GB450 5200 4.5 450 15 3/4”
2. GB540 7200 4.5 540 18 3/4”
3. GB686 12000 4.5 686 20 3/4”
4. GB750 14500 4.5 750 25 3/4”
5. GB1020 28000 4.5 1020 25 3/4”
6. GB1150 36000 4.5 1150 25 3/4”
7. GB1220 40000 4.5 1220 25 3/4”

We can OEM/ODM the air cushions too as demand.

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