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Battery-powered machine skates

Battery Powered Machine Skate also known as Electric control machine skate, wireless remote-control battery-powered moving roller skates, remote-controlled heavy-duty rollers skids, self-propelled machine skates, and so on names. Shandong Finer Lifting Tools Co., LTD produces and exports Electric remote control machine skates professionally with durable quality and export to the global market.

Shandong Finer Lifting Tools Co., LTD produced and exported wireless remote-control battery-powered machine skate professionally since 2015, with 10T, 20T,25T, 30T, 35T, and 50T capacities, Electric remote control machine skate with charger, remote wireless control, battery, and motor part.  Remote-controlled heavy-duty roller skids work in indoor and outdoor areas, the battery is detachable and powered with a lithium-ion battery, which is non-flammable, safer, and easy to operate. Wireless remote control machine skate regulates forward / reverse/stop, left / right motion, and speed with Two straight-line non-powered skates following in the rear.

Remote control Battery-powered Machine Skates

Shandong Finer Lifting Tools Co., LTD's battery-powered machine skates save labor, improve work efficiency, are easy to operate, and can bear loads of up to 55 tons. They are equipped with rechargeable batteries, ensuring safety and energy efficiency.

  • The requirements for ground conditions are very low, and both cement and ordinary floors the electric machine skates can be works well. 
  • Finer Brand battery-powered machine skates is the best choice for move heavy duty industrial machines, especially in confined spaces.

  • Via battery machine skates, securely and remotely maneuver loads of up to 55 tons with just one operator.
  • Advanced control systems provide precise maneuvering capabilities, even in tight spaces.
  • Built with durable materials to withstand heavy loads and harsh working conditions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: self-propelled machine skates with simple and intuitive controls.


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Applications of Battery-powered Machine Skates

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Battery-powered machine skate application

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Battery-powered machine skate application

Finer Brand Battery machine skates application

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